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Film/Q&A: Better Than Love

  • Admiral Theatre 515 Pacific Avenue Bremerton, WA 98337 USA (map)

Film/Q&A: Better Than Love
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Doors 6 p.m. | Film 7 p.m. | Post-Film Q&A 8:30 p.m.
General Admission $10 (incl. fees)
*No dinner service at this event. Concessions only. Movie rated PG-13.
**Event includes film and post-film Q&A with Actor/Producer Andy Lawrence and Executive Producer / Co-writer Tim Schaaf

Based on a true story (and shot in Bremerton), Better Than Love is a gripping film which examines addiction and the opioid crisis. A reluctant drug dealer strives to elevate his friend’s lives while the addictive forces of an ignorant OxyContin prescription corrodes his own.

19-year-old Jon's hopes of escaping the suburban ghetto get derailed when his drug-hustling childhood friend is incarcerated. Jon's loyalty challenges his morality as he ascends to benevolent "Kingpin" of his neighborhood. Jon develops a relationship with a beautiful recovering addict, AJ. Everything comes to a halt when Jon suffers a severe accident. Jon's physical and emotional pain leads him to a new romance, with OxyContin. Unable to track down AJ, Jon falls into the deep hole of addiction. Caught between love and death, Jon tries to save everyone but himself.


"Better Than Love is an affecting film that probes human morality vs the inner addictions that lie within. It’s also a conscientious yet piercingly revealing look at one man’s war with a silent killer. A gripping parable brought to life by stirring performances. We’re seeing the work of a breakthrough director.”
-Jack Rico,

"A brilliant film, a stunning wake-up call to our reality T.V. culture. This crisis is not someone else's nightmare, it's a 21st century plague that's killing us."
- Senator Mark Montigny, asst. Majority leader, Mass. Senate

Director’s Statement:

My brother, Jonathan, like countless other Americans, suffered a life altering addiction to a prescription opioid – Oxycontin. His addiction nearly killed him, and it cost him three years of his young life in jail. He’s now out of jail. He’s clean, and he is thriving.

I wrote Better Than Love as a tribute to Jonathan and to use his story to highlight the devastating impact the opioid crisis has on people from all walks of life. And it will be my life’s cause to use this film to highlight this plight and advocate for change.

This film was the only way I could think to actually reach my brother after everything, including all of my love, could not. Hence the title Better Than Love.

I'd hoped that BTL would serve as an empathic intervention, a beacon for him to peer into this mirror and somehow see clear a way to claw his way back to his beautiful self. As a family member, making this film was also therapy for me.

Better Thank Love is a story of how an ignorant prescription corrodes the lives of the innocent with an emphasis on the terrible, undeniable truth that our nation’s deadly opiate epidemic is out of control. Jonathan is one of the lucky ones in this nationwide epidemic about which not much is being done to stop.

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